Why do I daydream?

Why Do I Daydream?

Why do I daydream?


You might find that you spend hours at a time daydreaming about another reality you’ve created in your mind, you might use people your reality in these daydreams, the scenarios could be real situations which play out with alternative outcomes or you may even create scenarios which have never happened.

There could be a few reasons why you live in your alternative reality, these reasons may even be linked together.

When you’re playing out scenarios in your mind, the one common dominator is you however you act/behave in a different way to how you are in reality. These daydreams allow you to be someone you’re not in real life. On an emotional level, you may not like aspects of yourself or you may not even like yourself as a whole person. The daydreams allow you to change parts of yourself or the whole of you as a person which doesn’t transpire into your reality, over time you’ll find yourself daydreaming more and more to be the person you want to be.


You may even be using daydreams as a method to cope, you may find your current life is stressful, you have a lot of things going on and find it difficult to cope. The daydreams allow you to escape what’s going on and be somewhere else in your mind, whereas you may not be able to physically leave your current situation.


How to resolve daydreaming? 


A good place to start is working out what you don’t like about yourself, determine whether it’s an issue or not, start to work on changing the aspects you don’t like or work on self-compassion and accepting yourself for who you are.

Be patient with yourself and allow yourself the time to work through your issues. Change takes time and you most likely will experience relapses, self-compassion will help you to overcome the relapses and continue with the changes you want to implement.

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