What is a healthy relationship?

What is a Healthy Relationship?
There always seems to be an emphasis on what an unhealthy relationship is. Do you know what a healthy relationship is, it is important to know what this looks like so you can implement these boundaries into your relationship.
Although your relationship is unique and different from other people’s, there are key boundaries which are always a part of a healthy relationship, let’s have a look at what these are:

Respect. Respecting each other as an individual, as a couple, as human beings, respecting that you have differing views, respecting each other‘s wishes even if you don‘t agree with them. Talk to each other about what respect means to you as you’ll find that respect means different things to each of you.

Equality. Any healthy relationship has equality, you’re both equal, neither is above the other; addressing issues together, you both work as a couple not as individuals, which can lead to a power imbalance.

Communication. Talk to each other is essential, although you’re a couple, you’re still individuals, with your own ways of processing information, way’s of dealing with situations, your own views and opinions. It’s inevitable that at some point you’ll have disagreements, if you’re communicating effectively, you’ll be able to talk through the issues.

  • Trust. Words and behaviours show you whether you can trust your partner, this can be seen as the relationship progresses.
  • Boundaries. Both of you should be aware of what the other is comfortable with, the limits are boundaries, you should both adhere to.
  • Compromise. You’ll never agree on everything so you both will need to find a rational way of dealing with situations without one person compromising but the other doesn’t.
The above will take time to implement, consistency is key, take your time and support each other if either you step over any of the boundaries you’ve set.
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