Understanding Grief

Understanding Grief

How do I deal with grief? 

When a loved one dies, we may experience some very intense and frightening emotions.  Feelings such as anger, frustration, confusion and despair can consume us.  Please be assured that these are all very healthy and normal reactions in grief.  Grief support can be beneficial at any time of your Bereavement-related journey.  Some come for support early in the grief journey, yet others may come for support years later.  There is no one size fits all, grief is a personal and unique experience for all of us.  Grief support can aid you into a state of acceptance, peace, resolution and reorganisation.  Often people who are grieving feel they are oscillating between the grief and living life.  This is called the Dual Process where we can be Loss orientated or restoration orientated.  Some days we can be grief-stricken and feel that we just can’t function and meet the demands of daily life, yet, on other days we realise just how resilient we are and face the day with courage in a restorative spirit.  No one should have to walk the Grief journey alone.  Get in touch with a Counsellor to assist you on the Road to peace and healing.

A Bereavement is one of the most difficult and painful experiences which life will inevitably walk us all through.  Bottling up feelings, or even trying to run from dark emotions will catch up with us at some point.  Be encouraged expressing your feelings with family, friends or a Counsellor.  Yes, emotions are intense and it feels like you may be in a dark tunnel, but the only way out is by walking through.

Useful tips!

      • Keep a grief journal, write what you are feeling, expressing emotions in this way will be a useful outlet.
      • Once raw feelings are out, and expressed, people often felt better.
      • Another tip give yourself a break!
      • Your grieving, take your time, allow yourself the time and space to grief.

Grief is unique! Your grief journey is your own, and it doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s, is another tip.

Do whatever will help you grieve, many people from various cultures take time out to mourn their loved ones.  They may refrain from normal daily life activities, for a set period.  People may say special prayers, perform certain rituals, as a rite of passage on behalf of their loved one or for themselves to mark their grief.

As mentioned before, there is no one size that fits all. Allow your self to grieve in your own personal way.

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