Toxic People

Woman Sat on The Floor Thinking

It doesn’t matter which walk of life you come from, you will at some point come across toxic people. Toxic people will always have a negative impact on you and to share similar traits with other toxic people:




Toxic people will use manipulation against you to suit their needs and get them what they want. Their end goal is always about them and their needs.




They’ll quite happily judge your looks, actions and words, they won’t criticise or negatively talk about themselves but they’ll very easily point out your faults.


Nothing is their fault


You could be the calmest person and speak to them about something they’ve done, which has negatively impacted you and somehow it won’t be their fault. One way or another they’ll find a way to blame you instead rather than taking responsibility and they won’t apologise.




As toxic people only tend to care about their own feelings and emotions, they don’t focus on you or your needs, they’re behaviours and words won’t be about helping you or giving you any support.

As toxic people are manipulative, they’re not easy to spot, they tend to have a charm or charisma about them which masks who they are, because of this charm they can easily draw people in and then the manipulation starts.

Toxic people tend to play the ‘victims’ in most cases and make you feel guilty or feel sorry for them, causing a desire to want to help them resolve their issues (fix them). No matter how hard you try, you’ll never be able to fix them. The dynamic which ends up being created is you care and love them and they don’t reciprocate the same feelings towards you.

Toxic people can and will take a toll on you and your feelings as they spend a lot of time being negative. Negativity is draining and toxic people being manipulated and negativity inclined will inevitably drain your energy levels.

Be aware of these warning signs because these will allow you the choice to end the relationship or should you choose to allow the relationship to continue you’re able to be more cautious around the toxic person.

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