Tips on finding a therapist

We all need some support at some point in our lives. You may find that speaking to a therapist, who doesn’t know you is more comfortable than talking to someone you know. As you may have already know there are thousands of therapists out there, so how do you know which one is right for you?


Always check a therapist is qualified and ask to see therapist’s qualifications. You want to ensure that the person you’re working with is fully qualified, ensuring they have training and expertise.


Although it’s not a legal requirement, it helps to know therapists you’re working with is registered and adheres to a code of ethics. These can include but isn’t limited to BACP, NCS, UKCP. You can always call the organisations to check. A registered therapist doesn’t automatically mean they’re good at their job, more tips below.


Speak directly to the therapist.

A therapeutic relationship is very personal and you spend a lot of time talking to your therapist about very personal, intimate feelings and situations you’ve been through. Ensure you feel comfortable talking to your therapist, speak to them over the phone and check how you feel once you’ve spoken to them. Your feelings will tell you whether you’re comfortable working with that therapist.

Do your research on the different approaches.

There are a number of different approaches, that can be used in therapy e.g. CBT is an approach used for depression. You know your mind better than anyone and you’ll know what works for you, find the approach that suits you best and search for a therapist who uses that approach in their therapy.

Ask for recommendations.

As friends or family members have had personal experience with their therapist, you may find it useful to ask if they could recommend anyone, as their experiences with their therapist might mean, the therapist can provide you with insight too. However, if you’re recommended a therapist, still take the above into account and go with your feelings.



As with anything, changes take time, the same goes for your therapy. You wouldn’t attend a single session with a personal trainer and expect that your body will look different. The same goes for therapy. Change takes time.

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