The secret to a happy relationship

The Secret to a Happy Relationship

Happier couples tend to enjoy their happy moments and tend to dwell on those memories. It may seem an obvious thing that focusing and sharing your joys with each other can promote a last lasting relationship however when problems arise and you get caught up in those problems, it can be hard to remember the good times. Having a laugh with your partner can serve as a positive reinforcement of your bond.

When you spend positive time together, having a good time and laughing at each other’s jokes you unconsciously remind your partner of the experience and how he/she felt as a result of that experience. This can boost your partner’s motivation with your (and vice versa) as well as your partner wanting to spend more time with you.

Laughing is a great way to promote positive emotions and feelings in your relationship; it’s great for your physical body and your mind. It’s always a great idea to spend time at least 15 minutes per day talking about something which is positive and or something you both enjoy. If you have any disagreements between you, always focus on the problem and not each other. You can both choose to put an issue on hold until your both in a better position to deal with the problem, remember it’s essential to be constructive and focus on the problem and not each other. Make a choice to do things differently.

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