Suffering with lack of responsibility?

Mentally Ill Girl

If you are suffering with a lack of responsibility, here’s how to choose a different path.  

What are mental health issues, and why are they so common?

Mental health issues are on the rise with statistics showing that 1 in 4 people in the UK suffer with at least one mental health condition, or have in their lifetime. In the UK alone, there are currently around 20 million people that experience difficulties with a mental illness. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of people suffering has increased exceedingly, due to numerous lockdowns, self-isolation, quarantine, and not being able to experience everyday social interactions. According to the Office For National Statistics, depression in adults rose by 1.3 percentage points to 15.6% compared to the corresponding 2019 period.

Mental illnesses include a wealth of different symptoms, not limited to depression, anxiety, OCD, addiction, ADHD, body dysmorphia, and an extensive list of more.

How do I know if I’m suffering from a mental health issue?

Have you ever felt too uncomfortable to leave the house? Have you ever felt anxious about seeing certain people, or attending a social event? Have you ever felt too down to get out of bed in the morning, or felt yourself consistently going over the same thoughts, processes and actions? These are all general signs and attributes of a mental illness.

Why does this lead to lack of responsibility? How can I reverse this?

One attribute that is exceedingly common amongst people who suffer with anxiety and depression, is lack of responsibility. Depression can make you feel like you’re not worth it, and nothing is worth it, and therefore leads down a path of irresponsibility, delinquency, and carelessness, not only to yourself, but towards your job, finances, relationships and more. This can also relate to anxiety, where some people experience feeling too anxious to go to work, to see people, to interact socially and stay on top of payments and finances.

How can you ensure this doesn’t happen to you? By getting the help you need, before it goes this far. There are always people to talk to, and someone that can help, and as professional, confidential, comforting therapists at Kay’s Counselling, we’re here to nip any issues you’re experiencing in the bud before they heighten.

How will talking to a therapist help with my lack of responsibility?

Kay’s Counsellors have years of experience. They are all registered, qualified and experienced in fully supporting you and guiding you through the issues you’re experiencing. We have a range of specialist therapists offering counselling, psychotherapy, clinical psychology, and more, to deal with specified illnesses and issues.

We can help you to understand your mental illness, guide you through it, pinpoint the triggers, learn how to divert from the thoughts you’re experiencing, demonstrate ways that you can ensure you stay on top of your responsibilities, and monitor your progress.

You don’t need to suffer, and you don’t need to walk down the path of irresponsibility, self-destruction, and feeling low. Talk to someone, we are here for YOU.