Counselling for Stress

Stresss Managament Counselling Birmingham, UK
What is stress?

You will have experienced stress at one time or another in your life; small doses can motivate you to do better. However, when the stress is prolonged it can have a negative effect on you physically and mentally.

Stress can be seen as pressure, whether this is placed upon you by others or by yourself – when you find it difficult to deal with this pressure, you can feel stressed. Stress levels and effects vary from person to person; left too long, it can lead to an illness.

Stress is a reaction to a threatening situation which is known as the fight or flight response. The fight response is when your body gives you a sudden burst of energy, to allow you to fight for your life; whereas the flight response is your body’s encouragement to flee from the danger and protect yourself. Although you will rarely tend to be in life-threatening situations, your brain is still hardwired the same way; you may react the same when you’re under pressure.

When you’re under pressure there’s no option to fight or flight, thus the chemicals in your system build up and can cause damage to your immune system. Left un-dealt with this build up can lead to depression, anxiety and other issues. It’s important to arrange stress management counselling in Birmingham if you feel that your feelings are starting to have a negative impact on your day to day life.

Counselling for Stress
Causes of Stress

• Getting married

• Exam worry

• Moving home

• Serious illness

• Bereavement

• Divorce

• Children leaving home

• Work

• Social anxiety

• Loneliness

• Being unemployed

• Relationship problems

• Being a career

• Lack of change/progress in life can be a cause of stress

Symptoms of Stress

• Feelings of agitation

• Quick to anger

• Feeling anxious

• Having low self-esteem

• Avoidance of people and or places/situations

• Using substances to seek comfort, such as alcohol, drugs and or food

• Having difficulty sleeping

• Feeling dizzy

• Having an upset stomach

• Feeling chest pains or experiencing heart palpitations

Counselling for Stress

Stress management Counselling can provide you with the right environment to talk through the difficulties you’re experiencing, help gain clarity on issues you face, and provide you with an understanding of the underlying issues that may be facing. During your counselling, you work together with your therapist to identify the triggers and establish the best ways of coping so that should you feel stressed again in the future you’re more skilled at being able to deal with the problem.

Here at Kays Counselling, our counsellors are licensed professionals, equipped to support you through many forms of anxiety, and other day-to-day issues.

Stress counseling is a form of therapy that helps individuals understand and manage stress, develop coping mechanisms, and improve overall well-being.

Yes, therapy sessions are confidential with some exceptions, such as if your therapist believes you pose a danger to yourself or others.

The first session typically involves talking about your stress triggers, symptoms, and goals for therapy.

he duration of therapy varies depending on individual needs and progress. Some people may benefit from short-term therapy, while others may need longer-term support.

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Our counselling for stress will help you gain clarity on the issues you are facing and provide you with an understanding of the underlying issues.