Self-development Counselling

Self development
Self Development Counselling
What is Self-development?

There are usually underlying issues which could prevent you from developing further or achieving your goals. We are going to look into a few issues which could be preventing your self development, below:

Thoughts. Negative thoughts can stop you from implementing changes. Being aware of your own thoughts can help you manage how you feel better.
Feelings. Being aware of feelings helps, it’s your body‘s way of telling you what’s going on for you, listen to your physical body. Allowing yourself to feel your feelings, will allow them to pass.
Patterns. You may have patterns of behaviour which may prevent you from progressing further, notice what these patterns are, do you stop changes when you’re about to achieve your goal? Do you talk yourself out of starting because you think it won‘t work? Are you scared of succeeding?
Self. For self-development, it’s based on you putting your own needs and feelings first, if you’re not used to this, you’ll find self-development difficult. Working through your uncomfortableness can help you focus on your own needs and feelings in a healthy way.

Self-development counselling

  • Career focus
  • Life goals
  • Health/fitness goals

Having therapy for self-development raises your self-awareness and supports you through taking more internal control over your thoughts so you can worth through these internal blocks allowing you to achieve your goals.

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Self-development counselling supports you through taking more internal control over your thoughts and therefore allows you to achieve your goals.