Counselling for low self-confidence

Low Self-confidence
Low Self Confidence Counselling
What is low self-confidence?

Having confidence is based on your level of faith in your own abilities to deal with situations. Your level of confidence can affect how you think, feel and deal with situations. Having a healthy level of confidence will allow you to feel like you’re able to cope with situations and feel comfortable about yourself. Counselling can help provide insight.

You may find that you’re confident in certain situations i.e. with friends however you may find that you’re lacking confidence elsewhere i.e. work. Self-confidence in most areas of your life can help you feel more secure in your ability to cope.

Sign of low self-confidence

You may find that you have self-confidence is you’re feeling:

  • You feel you’re unsuccessful
  • You struggle with motivation/determination
  • You experience shyness
  • You believe you’re worthless
  • You compare yourself to others and feel others are superior to you
  • You have unhealthy relationships

Acknowledging you have low self-confidence is the first step, learning how to cope with situations will help with building your self-confidence as well recognizing all your own positive traits. Situations and life experiences may mean, you’ve felt you’re not able to cope, you have got the ability to get through the situation and it’s affected the way you feel about yourself.

Counselling for low self-confidence

We all have different strengths and skills, which can increase your self-confidence, if you don’t acknowledge your strengths and constantly focus on your weaknesses you’ll find you’re confident levels are going to be low. Working through where your low self-confidence has come from through counselling, can help in establishing whether the situation needs reprocessing: as everything changes in hindsight, you’re wiser as time goes on, your ability to deal with situations changes, you’re able to deal with feelings more.

Confidence Counselling can provide you with insight into your low self-confidence and how you’re dealing with your mind, feelings and situations and support you through reprocessing these.

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