Family Therapy

Family at Counselling Session
What is Family Therapy?

Families can provide you with the foundations of yourself, they play a key part in your psychological health. Families can also provide anxiety, depression and misunderstanding. This is where family therapy can help. Family therapy is based on the relationships amongst the family members. Family therapy focuses on the family as a whole unit and not based on your individual issues.  Your therapists will work on identifying the breakdown in communication, the patterns you’re unaware of and how your relationships are currently working, working on establishing healthier patterns. Family therapy can help in improving your relationships with each other, you’ll have the opportunity to talk about the issue, whether it’s an issue in the family or person issues which are affecting the family. This type of therapy can help you all to cope better especially if one individual has mental health issues which are affecting the family as a whole.

Expectations of Family Therapy

Therapy can be provided for you as an individual or family members.

Sessions tend to be 50 minutes in length, however, double sessions are always available; to allow you longer to discuss issues, generally, there’s a review of your therapy after 6 sessions.

What can family therapy help with?

  • Couples/relationship issues
  • Children, teenagers mental health issues
  • Adult mental health issues
  • Behavioral difficulties
  • Parenting issues
  • Eating disorders
  • Abuse
  • Addictions
  • Separation/Divorce
  • Illness
  • Bereavement

Family therapy allows members of your family or couples to express their feelings and work through the difficulties in a safe environment: allowing each individual to understand each other, their feelings and views, learn to communicate more effectively which results in building a healthier relationship.

Our Therapists

We have therapists working from Kay’s Counselling office in Birmingham and online via video calling. All our therapists go through a rigorous interview process, aiming to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to help you work through your issues through counselling or psychotherapy.

All our therapists know the level of courage it takes for you to contact us to start your journey, we aim to match the same level of courage in our therapists, who have a desire to help you achieve your goals with their expertise.