Depression Counselling

Depression Counselling Birmingham, UK
What is depression?

Depression is classed as a mental health issue, which can be resolved with Counselling or Psychotherapy. There are different extremes to depression and feeling depressed. When depression manifests in its milder form, depression can make you feel a bit low – it won’t necessarily interfere with your day to day life however it does feel like everything is harder to achieve and not worthwhile doing.

At the other end of the scale, extreme depression can be life-threatening; it can make you feel suicidal or you can start to convince yourself that there’s no point in living anymore.

At Kay’s Counselling, we provide depression counselling in Birmingham. Learn more about our depression counselling service, its process, outcomes, signs and reasons of depression here.

Counselling for Depression
Symptoms of depression

• You feel low most of the time throughout the day

• You can become teary very easily

• You feel helpless, numb and in despair

• You feel isolated and unable to relate to other people

• You can feel like you’re experiencing a sense of unreality

You don’t enjoy doing activities you used to enjoy

• You may self-harm

• You find it difficult to speak or communicate with people

• You may have difficulty in remembering things

• You feel guilty and blame yourself a lot

• You have little or no self-confidence or esteem

• You may experience difficulty sleeping

• You may find that you don’t eat as much or enjoy your food

• You may find that you use more alcohol, tobacco or drugs more than usual

Causes of Depression

There are a number of different things, which can cause depression:

• Life events. In most cases when depression is triggered it is due to situations/experiences you have been through that were unwelcomed or traumatic

• Loss. Whether it is someone you loved or a major life change, a loss can trigger depression. Children leaving home, for example, could trigger off depression. The events don’t necessarily have to be negative, it can be due to how you cope with the situations or don’t cope with the situations, which can lead to low mood and you may need depression counselling.

• Anger. Anger, which isn’t expressed and is bottled up can trigger depression. The reasons for not expressing your anger can vary greatly, from being a child who was told to not express his/her anger or stopping yourself from communicating your frustration as an adult. By not expressing your anger at the time you felt it and bottling it up instead, you have internalised your anger instead, and it may then materialize as depression.

• Medications. Side effects of medication can also trigger depression in some people. It’s always worthwhile to read the leaflets provided with your medication to see if one of the side effects is depression. If this is the case, you should speak to your GP. He or she may be able to prescribe you a medication which doesn’t list depression as a side effect.

• Drugs/Alcohol. Alcohol and some other drugs are depressants. They won’t cheer you up or affect your mood in a positive way. When you’re intoxicated it amplifies how you feel, thus making you feel worse and may need a depression counsellor.

CBT counselling for depression Birmingham

There are different methods and theories available for dealing with depression. Cognitive behavioural therapy, or CBT, is a programme that is widely used, but at Kay’s Counselling, your counselling & psychotherapy session is tailored to your needs, provided to you by caring, supportive and experienced counsellors.

You may find that certain approaches such as CBT are not working for you and you want to try other routes. Our tailored, flexible approach can be and has successfully been, incorporated into our face-to-face, telephone and online depression counselling sessions.

The NHS does provide individual therapy for depression, however, there is, unfortunately, a 6 month + waiting list, if you wish to try this avenue please discuss your concerns with your G.P.

Depression counselling can help those with major depression, minor depression, postpartum depression, persistent depressive disorder, and more. The at Kay’s Counselling will develop a unique treatment plan based on your specific experience, needs, and goals.

Depression counselling works by helping people pinpoint life problems, distorted thought patterns, and other causes of their depression, then process and work through them to mitigate the adverse effects those factors have on their lives.

Depression counselling can last for a few weeks, months, or longer, depending on the severity of one's depression as well as their needs and preferences.

It is worth going to individual therapy for depression — depression counselling helps people better manage their symptoms and get back to living happier lives again.

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Has a big factor in your life changed recently such as a traumatic life event and therefore you have fallen into depression? Kay’s Counselling offers different methods and theories available for dealing with depression.