Online Counselling

Online counselling

Access our counselling services online

Online Counselling also known as online therapy or video calling therapy is another platform that allows you to access our great services from the comfort of your home! The sessions are provided in real time where you can talk to us where you fee comfortable, online counselling a great way of accessing counselling to those looking for insightful, professional and confidential services. 

Online Counselling UK

What is Online counselling?

Although the traditional form of Counselling is conducted face to face, we do offer online video Counselling. We use many different platforms to offer therapy. We may be physically be in the same space, we can still offer the same professionalism, insight and expertise over video calls. We’re here to help you explore your feelings, help you to understand why you feel the way you do and to help you achieve your goals. 

There’s a number of different reasons people choose to have therapy via video calling, this could be that you have a busy lifestyle, you may not be able to physically get to us, or it’s just more convenient for you to access Counselling in the comfort of your home. You can access our Counselling services regardless of where you are located! 

How does video calling work?

Video calling counselling works in the same way as face to face counselling. Contact us to arrange your appointment, your therapist will video call you at your appointment time, you will still be provided with the insight you would receive if you came face to face. 

Online Counselling

How to find a qualified Counsellor with online counselling 


We understand the field of Counselling can be confusing, Kay’s taken the pressure off: all our Counsellors have to pass a vigorous interview process and provide their qualifications, registration details and insurance documents to us. We do all the checks to ensure you’re working with someone who’s able to help. 

What to expect from online Counselling 

We use a number of different platforms, depending on what works for you, we would suggest the following to make the best use of online Counselling: 

  1. Choose a space where you feel comfortable and safe to talk, in some situations this could even be from your car. 
  2. Double check your camera and microphone is working 
  3. Check your broadband connection 
  4. Grab a drink (water/coffee) 
  5. Have some tissues handy, you never know when you may need them 
  6. Place your phone/laptop on a flat surface to prevent it from falling or causing disruptions during your session 
  7. Check your battery levels before your session – connect a charger if you feel you need to 
  8. When your therapist video calls (they usually text you beforehand), once you’re connected with your therapist you’ll check the connection and microphone before continuing. 

Your therapist will have alternative measures in place should the connection drop, they may text or call you and retry the video calling. 

Zoom Counselling

Is online counselling effective?

In short yes online counselling can be just as effective as face to face therapy. There are a few things to check prior to your session to make it more effective, such as checking your internet connecting is working with high bandwidth, you have sufficient drinks with you and tissues, replicating the things you would have in the session. 


We do not provide email/chat counselling because we feel it is impersonal, we’re not able to read social cue’s, body language or facial experiences which can leave responses provided not fitting accurately with how you may be feeling. Video calling counselling eliminates these issues. 

Video calling

It is becoming more and more popular for individuals to access online counselling. This could be for a number of reasons, you may have a hectic work/lifestyle, had children or be a carer and unable to come see us face to face or it could just be that you feel more comfortable at home. 

You don’t need anything fancy or have to buy any equipment to access our video calling sessions, we’ll call you on your phone when it’s your session time. 

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Online Counselling can be just as effective as traditional face to face therapy

There have been various studies carried out on the effectiveness of online Counselling and the results shows online counselling can be just as effective as traditional therapy. 

Online Counselling provide you with the help and support you need to deal with your issues.

Our therapist

All of our therapists are interviewed, by Kay herself and vetted. We check their qualifications, and ensure they’re registered, and have adequate insurance.