Learn how to manage your stress at Christmas

Learn How to Manage Your Stress at Christmas

Christmas is around the corner, and your excited and ready for the occasion. Your feeling psyched up and preparing for this season as it is a time to show love and have fun with friends and family. However, with the buildup of pressure and anxiety, it is not going to be a smooth ride for everyone as it is not going to be a wonderful time. You may have had a stressful year, and it is time to celebrate and have a memorable ending. Nevertheless, the current problems that you face can lead to a difficult time, especially when you’re in pain and see other’s celebrating and having a good time. Most of the people affected by this blues are those going through a hard time in life be it a divorce, bereavement or mental illness.

With the raised expectation of the holiday season comes with it a lot of disappointment which may lead to prolonged stress; leading to potential depression. Since the magazines and television are all talking about a good time, you will want to have a good time and the anticipation may not be a good thing. Not hoping for the perfect moment is a good thing to avoid feeling down and upset, instead if you hope for an enjoyable time, you may help you feel better, especially if it doesn’t all go to plan. Try to focus on the present moment in time rather than predicting the future and what may happen, this will help reduce your anxiety greatly. This isn’t easy to do but if you keep focussing your mind on the current task your doing, it will become easier over time.
You may be trying to make it the best Christmas and focus on your loved ones by working late, you’ll be getting tired and worn out, lose sleep, feel stressed out hence getting enough sleep and reducing the anxiety is a good way to avoid putting additional pressure on yourself.

If you are feeling lonely, it is important to know that you are not the only one experiencing these feeling as statistics show that there is an increase in levels of anxiety and depression during this period. It is good to get involved in activities and help at home with the preparations so as to have a good time. This may include;

      1. Helping out with the food preparations
      2. Helping a friend get the house and garden in order
      3. Organizing for volunteer activities in the nursing home
      4. Take some time to enjoy hobbies which take your interest
      5. Take some time to rest and put your feet up
Holiday blues are very common during the holidays and getting to know how to deal with it may save you the trouble of depression/anxiety during this fun period. Identifying the cause of the depression and stress is important; so as to know how to cope with it. For instance, if the stress is due to the increase of pressure, due to how busy you’ll end up being, it is good to start planning earlier as during this period you’ll be doing everything you normally do plus additional things such as family gathering, decorating your home, shopping etc
Finally, it is always good to focus on the positive aspects of life and confide in family and friends especially if you’re feeling down or your anxiety is kicking in, they can help and support you or even just offer a shoulder to lean on.
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