How Much Does Therapy Cost in Birmingham?

What is counselling?


In a nutshell, counsellors are trained in theories and approaches relating to humans and hold knowledge about how we function and what issues we may have and how these issues can affect us. In short, therapy is another perspective on situations for you to consider.

How expensive is online therapy


Counselling varies from charities to private therapies to therapists and regions in the UK. This ranges from £10 with charities to £350 with private therapists.


Can I get free counselling on the NHS?


Yes you can get free therapy, you will have to contact your G.P. they will make a referral on your behalf, please bare in mind there may be a 6 month wait to get your first appointment.


Is private therapy better than the nhs


Therapy depends on your relationship with the therapist and the therapists knowledge base, and it is also key to remember therapy can work if you’re ready to deal with your issues. Resistance and not being ready can create an unconscious block in your therapy.


How do I start counselling


If you want counselling on the NHS, you will need to contact your G.P for a referral

If you need immediate support, access our crisis page:





Does private counselling go on your medial records


Private therapy is not linked or connected to your G.P, therefore your records remain private. The only time when a therapist may contact your G.P, is if you’ve requested for this or there is harm that may come to you (please read below).


When can a counsellor break confidentiality


This is a valid concern, a lot of people want to keep their privacy and rightfully so. Counsellors are bound by ethical guidelines where there are very limited circumstances where they are ethically able to break continentality. Here’s a few reasons

  • You may harm yourself
  • You may harm someone else
  • You or someone you know (i.e. your child) is in danger n
  • You’re involved in or committing terrorist activates
  • You’re involved in illegal activates

Your therapist should explain how continentality works in your first session allowing you to be aware of the agreement of your sessions. You can always ask for their policy on confidentiality for your own peace of mind.


What does Kay’s Counselling charge for therapy?


We have two rates, one for our therapists £95 and Kay’s fees: £120.

We have two fees to allow leeway for individuals who may not be able to afford the higher fee. We focus on knowledge, expertise, building a therapeutic relationship alongside working on resolving issues rather than just coping with them.

Coping skills are necessary however these do not work on resolving the issues, it’s learning to cope with the issues. We work on resolving the issues, so they no longer bother you or interrupt your life.

  • We do things differently.

We understand how issues work, how they affect you and your emotional state and how to work on resolving these. You decide what you want to work on, the pace you want to work at, what approach works best for you and we support you through your progress. We’re open to feedback from clients, if an approach doesn’t suit you, tell us and we’ll change it for you! It is about you and what works best for you.

  • Knowledge

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience between us, here’s a link to a few of the approach we use:

  1. CBT
  2. Psychodynamic
  3. Integrative
  4. Person Centred

We offer 50 minutes slots for your sessions, this allows us to give you enough insight without overwhelming you with information. We can utilise the sessions in the way you see best.

We can teach you coping strategies if this Is what you’re looking for. We create new cycles and explore unhealthy cycles you may have. We can practise techniques and conversations – whatever you need!

Kay’s Counselling was created by Kay, who has been practising since 2010, she has a wealth of knowledge and expertise with a focus on compassion and helping others to resolve issues so they can live the life they want.

She only works with a handful of therapist because she will only take on therapists who she feels show compassion, empathy, and have the knowledge to support and provide insight to clients.

We know change takes time and this does require support and compassion, we’re here for you, to listen, to educate, support you and help you to work through your issues.

Get in touch with us to start your journey.