How do I deal with pain?

How Do I Deal With Pain?

It’s inevitable that at some point in your life you’ll experience pain, hurt, rejection and or loss. You may have even experienced the above more than once. It can be very painful emotionally and take a toll on your physical and mental health.

As much as everyone would love to be able to stop experiencing pain, hurt or vulnerability, this isn’t something, which is possible, however, it is possible to learn how to cope with the feelings:

Feel it. The golden rule when it comes to feelings is to feel them. If you ignore feelings they strength the next time you ignore them and come back with force. Take your time with your feelings, you may find that it takes you a few minutes to let them go or it may take a few hours – it’s individual to you. When you’re focussing on feelings, work through the different body parts and focus on what each body part feels like, describe the physical sensation to yourself and continue to do this until the sensations disappear.

Support. Talk. Turn to those who you trust and speak about what you’re feeling and what you’ve been through. Sitting with your own mind for too long can result in other issues especially if you’re trying to understand something or resolve issues but you’re struggling to find the answer you’re looking for. Your mind can start to blame you as a cause for the situation because you’re unable to find another reason.

Hobbies. Take time out for yourself, you deserve to things for yourself and purely for yourself.

Let go. Process what you’ve been through, how it’s impacted you, how it’s made you feel, speak to those whom you trust and gain support from them. Work on allowing yourself to feel your feelings, which may include the need for you to grieve, give yourself permission to let those feelings go.

The level of faith you have in your own abilities shows that you can deal with situations, yes it will hurt and be painful however as with everything these feelings will come to an end.  You deserve better than to hold on to pain/hurt, allow those feelings to go.

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