How can I be happy?

How Can I Be Kinder to Myself?
Happiness comes from an inner contentment or a meaningful life or a sense of satisfaction, but what does this mean? Well, that’s the thing, that’s for you to decide. It’s your life. What will give your life meaning? What does happiness look like to you? Is it being happy with yourself? Accepting who you are as a person? Loving yourself? Or is it more about your life? When you’ve decided what happiness means to you, you’ll feel happy within yourself and happy with your life.
      1. Goal.  Establish what you want. If it’s about life, think in terms of goals. If it is about you, work out exactly how you want to feel about yourself.
      2. Wellbeing. Find mindfulness techniques to help you ground yourself if you feel negative or overwhelmed, your wellbeing is important.
      3. Pleasure. Focus on what you enjoy doing, do these things regularly. If you don‘t know what hobbies you like, try a few and go with the one you take most interest in.
      4. Relationship. Create and maintain relationships, the best place to start is with yourself. You will then know what boundaries you need to have with others.
      5. Meaning. Establish what gives your life meaning and do these things regularly.
      6. Self-compassion. Be kind to yourself, you won’t achieve internal happiness if you’re self-critical.
      7. Mindset. Learn the skills you need to achieve your goals. If you believe you won’t achieve your goals, you’ll find that you won’t achieve them.
      8. Take a break. Whether you need a break from social media, from negative people or just a holiday, whatever the reason, listen to your body and take a break.
      9. Focus on the good. There are many things in your life that are positive, focus on these daily, do this more when you’re feeling anything negative, this will put things back into perceptive.
      10. Visualise. Imagine what you want your life to look like, write all the steps to achieve this and then make those steps a reality.
Write your goals in a journal and the things you want to do, set time aside for yourself daily. Put post-it notes up as a gentle reminder to keep you focused. Implement small changes regularly.
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