What is Reflexology?

The philosophy underpinning reflexology is that certain parts of your feet and hands are energetically connected to other parts of your body through energy passages. Threw applying pressure to certain aspects of your feet, the reflexologist is able to remove energy blocks which then creates health in the connected body part.

Benefits of Reflexology

Treatment involving massage on various reflex points of the feet which provides a relaxing and energized effect, enhancing the body’s natural healing tendencies. Reflexology helps to maintain our mental, emotional .and physical well-being

    1. Relaxes the mind & body
    2. Improves blood and lymphatic circulation
    3. Relaxes tight, stressed and aching muscles.
    4. Improves digestion
    5. Improves skin conditions
    6. Helps to induce a feeling of calmness & peace
    7. Strengthening the immune system and clearing toxins.
Combination therapies

Our treatments are combined with other treatments to provide you the best of different treatments. Choose from one of the following:

    1. Reflexology and reiki
    2. Crystal therapy and reflexology

If you have any medical issues, please visit your G.P. Reflexology does not replace medical treatment.


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