Past Life Regression

What is Past Life Regression?

Past Life Regression is a means of allowing us to deal with past issues and issues within this life. We are often holding on to pain and trauma we had centuries ago and when we recognize the true cause of that pain, we can release it and gain a great sense of relief and freedom.

No matter whether you have a spiritual, emotional, psychological or physical issue Past Life Regression has the potential to resolve that issue.  You may have wondered ‘I wonder what I was like in a past life?’ ‘Who was I?’ ‘I’m curious about what happened’ – uncovering your past life can help to explain fears and phobias which can be traced back to events in our past lives such as a fear of water when you have drowned in a past life, or an eating disorder linked to times of starvation.

A Past Life Regression session can uncover why we have problems with certain people in our lives. You have people around you in your current life that you have known before, imagine being able to discover what happened and what your relationship was to them at that time? You can clear blocks that plague you in your current time and even discover talents and bring them into your present times of Hopi candling involves a specially designed hollow.


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