Have you suffered Trauma?

Have You Suffered Trauma?

Symptoms of trauma


Trauma can happen to anyone whether it’s being in an accident to experiencing an earthquake. When you’re exposed to a situation, you’ve got no level of control over, you’re left feeling helpless and unable to do anything, it can create issues. These issues can be intense feelings that can come out of the blue and you act on those feelings.

Trauma can happen either from one situation or a serious or situations. Trauma is an experience you’ve been through that breaks your sense of security, leaving you feeling helpless and with a lack of control.

As with any issues, there’s no limit on when you experience the symptoms, it may be instantaneous or it may be months/years later. The list below is examples of what the symptoms are:

      1. Intense feelings. These feelings can be triggered either by sounds, voices, touch and or smell
      2. Physical symptoms.  Feeling anxious, feeling sick, feeling panicky
      3. Flashbacks. Memories coming back to you and you end up feeling like you’re going through it again.
      4. Nightmares. The nightmares could be about anything, however, the way you feel is the same.
      5. Behaviours. A change in your behaviour as you try everything you can try to stop any exposure which may trigger off the feelings.
      6. Memories. You may find that there are gaps in your memory or the memory is foggy. This could be because you blocked the memory as it was too much for you to deal with.
      7. Emotional outbursts.  You may not realize what you’re feeling however you end up acting on these feelings. It may be upon reflection, you’re then confused about why you acted in the way you did.

Speak to your G.P. if you believe you’ve experienced trauma, follow this with therapy to work through your feelings and the trauma you’ve experienced. Trauma-related issues rarely sort themselves out, they usually get worse if left untreated. The sooner you deal with the trauma the better it can be for you.

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