Finding the right partner

Finding The Right Partner

At some point or another, we’re all looking for the right person. Here are some suggestions you could try to get you closer to meeting your soulmate.


Clarify your mind and heart.


Do a simple and effective exercise: Take a paper and write down the main characteristics you want that person to have or not. Then, write down all the things you have to share. Visualize yourself living that relationship, imagine being a protagonist.


Set realistic goals.


Brad Pitt is certainly a charm but can’t be available to all of us, right? So look for people who are available, who want a commitment and who are honest with themselves and with others? To build a strong loving relationship, you need “your feet on the ground and your heart in heaven.”


Put hands to work.


Real life does not usually look too much like “Notting Hill”. Maybe love knocks on your door magically but the opportunities are not so many, so move. If you are not energetic to go to bars or other places of intense social activity, sign up at a dating site and start interacting. Dedicate time and energy to it. At the end of the day, it is an important task: the search for the love of your life.


Don’t waste your energy.


Do not organize appointments with someone who does not generate a reasonable interest. It is a waste of time and energy for you and the other person. Always remember that on the other side of the screen there is a person who feels, dreams and deserves respect.


Change your vibrations.


If you live thinking that love will never come to your life, surely you will collect disappointments. Think positive. What you think will happen, surely will happen. Visualize a good relationship and feel worthy of them.

Everything takes time; take your time to get to know yourself and what you want in a partner.

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