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Everyone has times when they feel unhappy and low. Everyone can feel depressed at times in their life. When you feel this way for weeks or months at a time, it affects your ability to get on with and enjoy your life to the fullest.

Without treatment, depression symptoms can affect people for years and can return even when you feel better for a while.

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Signs You May Have Depression

As well as a feeling of general unhappiness, depression can affect your body, your mind and your behaviour. You may also show any or a combination of the following symptoms:

  1. Anger
  2. Irritability
  3. Lack of interest in activities you normally enjoy
  4. Tearfulness when it feels irrational
  5. Loss of energy
  6. Loss of concentration
  7. Lack of self-confidence
  8. A sense of isolation from those close to you   

What Causes Depression?


There are all manner of triggers that can cause depression; be it a life-changing event such as a relationship breakdown, losing your job or losing a loved one. 

Arguments and conflict in any relationship can also cause depression, especially when you feel unable to resolve them.

Even the changing of the seasons can have a profound effect on your mood, particularly as we move into the cold, dark nights each Winter.

Regardless, each person’s experience is unique and often there is no finite cause of depression.

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How Can Counselling Help Depression?

Seeking counselling to help with feelings of depression can be an extremely difficult decision to make and carry through with.  

The important thing to remember is seeking help takes courage, and by being kind to yourself with each step you will be more likely to receive the help you need and deserve.

A trained, professional counsellor will approach your situation without judgement; acknowledging your thoughts, feelings and behaviour.  Depending on your needs, your counsellor will offer certain types of therapy that are proven to aid with depression:

Person-Centred Therapy – can help you discover and explore the root cause of your thoughts and feelings.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – helping you to change the way you behave and think in order to better manage your depression.

Interpersonal Therapy – focusing on your relationships with people and finding out whether they are affecting you positively or negatively. 

Why Choose Kay’s Counselling?


Kay’s Counsellors have years of experience gained from volunteering and working in private practices. Our counsellors are all registered, qualified and experienced in supporting you through your problems.

We have a range of different therapists offering counselling, psychotherapy, clinical psychology and EMDR to deal with a variety of different issues. All of our counsellors are located in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham.

The NHS does provide therapy for depression, however, there can be a long wait before you receive treatment. If you wish to try this avenue please discuss your concerns with your G.P.

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