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There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to having a healthy relationship with your partner. This article will help you understand what makes a good relationship, how you can improve your current one and how to avoid the pitfalls that often lead to divorce.

Trust can be hard to rebuild after it is broken.


Trust is a very important part of any relationship. Without it, you may feel like your partner is not there for you and only has their own best interests at heart. Trust can be broken in many ways, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Sometimes trust is also broken because of things that happen outside of your relationship or even out of your control. For example, maybe someone close to your partner does something bad and it makes them question whether or not their significant other had anything to do with it? If that happens, then rebuilding trust is going to be difficult!

Once the trust has been broken between two people who are in a relationship with each other than a lot more work needs to be done before they can get back on track again. Trust can be rebuilt by talking about what happened when it was lost as well as learning how both parties feel about certain situations so that nobody feels left behind during this time period where things might seem hopeless but really aren’t all bad after all!

If you don’t talk, you don’t have a relationship.


A good relationship is all about communication, and that means talking to each other. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a long-term partnership or just beginning to date: if you don’t talk, you don’t have a relationship.

But talking about issues can be hard. You may not be able to find the words or find them too difficult to say them out loud; maybe it’s uncomfortable for both of you; or maybe there are so many conflicts that when one is brought up, things get heated very fast (and don’t stop). Whatever the case might be, there are some ways that relationships can become less stressful when it comes time to open up about problems and concerns—as well as how not talking through those issues can affect your connection with each other over time.

Infidelity may be more common than we think.


Infidelity is a serious issue in relationships, whether it’s the infidelity of your partner or your own. If you suspect that someone you love has been cheating on you, or if you are guilty of cheating yourself, it’s important to understand that infidelity is more common than most people realize.

In fact, many studies have shown that almost half of all married individuals have had an affair at some point in their relationship. Infidelity can happen for many reasons: some people cheat because they’re unhappy with their relationship and want out; others may be bored with their partner and seek excitement elsewhere; others are neglected by their partners; still others simply lack intimacy skills necessary for healthy sexual relationships.

Regardless of the cause behind cheating (and there are many), this form of betrayal tends to do lasting damage to both partners involved in an infidelity situation because it violates trust and honesty—two essential components of any successful relationship.

Some people are more prone to cheating than others.

Some people are more prone to cheating than others. There are certain personality traits and relationship patterns that make someone more likely to be unfaithful in their relationship. If you have a partner who repeatedly cheated on you or broke your trust, there’s a good chance they have these characteristics:

  • They lack empathy.
  • They are dishonest.
  • They tend to be self-centred, rather than considerate of others’ feelings and needs (the concept of “selfishness”).

Jealousy can be a big problem and destroy a relationship.


It’s natural to feel jealous when you have a relationship.

Jealous issues which are extreme can be caused by many things, including fear of abandonment or low self-esteem. Jealousy is the biggest reason why people fight in relationships, and it can destroy a relationship if it is not handled properly.

Issues with marriage can be serious and sometimes mean divorce.


While marriage is a serious commitment, it is possible that in certain cases a relationship will not work out. This can be due to many different factors, including disagreements over religion or personal beliefs. In some cases, couples may find themselves unable to handle their differences and decide that it would be best for both people if they went their separate ways.

However, divorces are not always the end of a relationship; sometimes they can actually help strengthen a couple’s bond after the initial turmoil has died down.

Our marriage counsellors can help with a lot of issues.


As a marriage counsellor for over 11 years, I have worked with many couples and families who have had challenges in their relationships. The issues that I see the most are related to communication problems, trust issues, infidelity, jealousy, and marriage problems.

Communication: If you have trouble talking about your thoughts or feelings in a constructive way when you disagree on something then it may be time to see a marriage counsellor. You might feel like things were better when they were first married but after some time together (or even having children), the two of you may not know how to resolve conflicts anymore.

Trust: If one party does not trust what their partner is telling them then this will cause friction between them.

Infidelity: When someone has an affair outside of their marriage, it is devastating for both parties involved (and any children). With counselling, we can work through these issues so that trust can be rebuilt between both parties.

Jealousy: Jealousy often stems from feeling inadequate or resentful towards one’s partner due to a lack of attention being paid towards them by either party involved in the relationship.

Marriage Problems: There are many reasons why marriages end up failing over time such as financial issues or lack of communication between partners which could lead someone into becoming depressed/suicidal if left untreated.

Communication, trust and honesty are crucial to having a healthy relationship, as well as being ready for commitment and compromise.


You have to be honest with yourself and your partner. You need to know that you’re ready for commitment, or else the relationship will not last.

It is crucial that you communicate with your partner so that they know what is going on in your head at all times. If there is no communication, then the trust between you two will break, which can lead to a breakup or divorce.


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