What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy Birmingham is like counselling however it covers more in-depth approaches and methods to therapy. This still includes one to one therapy and couples therapy Birmingham as well as face to face, skype and or telephone therapy. Psychotherapy can help with a variety of different mental health and emotional issues. Through therapy, you can learn to manage or eliminate your issues, increase your level of self-control and cope better on a day-to-day basis.

How do the therapy sessions work?

Psychotherapy Birmingham can be done short term, for immediate issues or provided on a long-term basis, dealing with more deep routed or complex issues. The sessions length usually tend to be 50 minutes, unless you wish to book double sessions. You decide with your therapists about the frequency of your sessions, this can be weekly however you can have sessions every fortnight.

Different approaches

There are many different approaches in psychotherapy, which can be used to help you resolve your issues:

      1. Art therapy
      2. Attachment-based
      3. Behavioural Therapy
      4. Cognitive Analytical Therapy
      5. Couples Psychotherapy
      6. Existential
      7. Gestalt Therapy
      8. Humanistic integrative
      9. Jungian Analysis
      10. Object Relations Therapy
      11. Psychoanalysis
      12. Psychodynamic
      13. Psychosexual
      14. Solution-Focused Brief
      15. Systemic Therapies
      16. Transactional Analysis (TA)
What can Psychotherapy help with?

      1. Depression
      2. PTSD
      3. Anxiety
      4. Attachment issues
      5. Stress
      6. Sexual abuse
      7. Identity issues
      8. Addictions
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