Object Relations Therapy

What is Object Relations Therapy?

Object relation therapy Birmingham is based on the belief that as humans we have a desire to have contact with other humans, with a need to form relationships. An Object relations therapists can help you by providing insight into early childhood to understand any current issues you may have in relationships with others. This insight allows you to adjust any beliefs so you’re able to be in healthier relationships.

Aspects of Object Relations Therapy

External and Internal Objects

There are two parts to Objects, internal and external. The external object refers to a person or something you’re emotionally connected with. A person who exists is referred to as a whole object, including all positive and negative traits. If you’re able to move through the different stages of development successfully, you can relate to other people as whole individuals.

Internal objects are you’re emotional and psychological view of a person, this is what you could hold on to when the person isn’t around and it can affect how you view the person in reality.

Object Relations Therapy

Object relations therapists provide you with insight into having healthier relationships. By improving internal functions, you may translate these into external relationships.

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