What is Hypnotherapy?

You may be intrigued by Hypnotherapy Birmingham because of it has many benefits, hypnotherapy utilises hypnosis for the treatment of many different issues such as anxiety, depression, phobias to name a few. Essentially you are placed into a hypnotic state through relaxation, with an awareness of what is happening to allow you to focus on your internal experiences. Hypnotherapy Birmingham uses your own mind to help reduce or alleviate your issues, the purpose of hypnotherapy is to create a positive change internally whilst you are in a state of unconsciousness.

There are a range of issue hypnotherapy can be used to work through, including but not limited to:

    1. Phobias
    2. Addiction
    3. Relationship/Family/Work Conflicts
    4. Sleep Disorders
    5. Anxiety
    6. Depression
    7. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
    8. Grief and Loss of a Loved One
    9. Smoking cessation
    10. Weight Loss
    11. Unwanted behaviours
    12. Chronic pain conditions
    13. Inner Child Healing
    14. Agoraphobia – fear of going outside and into open spaces
    15. Compulsive disorder i.e. shopaholic
    16. And much more…
How it all works

Our hypnotherapist is trained in Psychotherapy, she will utilise the talking therapy to understand your issues, your needs and your goals before starting your therapy. Whilst you are in your session with your hypnotherapist, she utilise the psychotherapy to help you to understand yourself and your history better whilst engaging in hypnotherapy to deal with the underlying/root causes of your issues.

The therapist will use guided relaxation to help you unwind, allowing you to focus and concentrate more with the goal of achieving an intensified state of awareness.

Psychotherapy Birmingham consists of talking therapy which has many different approaches ranging from Psychodynamic to Humanistic; your therapist will create a safe relationship for you, where you are able to speak to her without fear of judgement, enabling you to be open and honest about how you feel and what’s going on for you. The therapist works to understand your feelings, through empathy and compassion and establish the root cause of your issues, which can then be moved over to Hypnotherapy Birmingham to deal with the underlying issues in essence this can eliminate the symptoms you are suffering from.

There are two methods of Hypnotherapy: suggestion therapy and analysis.

Suggestion therapy is based on the goals you have identified, and the therapist will use these goals to make suggestions to your unconscious whilst you are in a ‘trance’. This method can be used to control unwanted behaviours such as comfort eating, excessive behaviours, gambling, etc. This type of hypnotherapy can help you to uncover the root cause of your issues or symptoms for example understanding why you feel anxious or depressed, which is useful for you to understand yourself better.

Analysis hypnotherapy Birmingham can uncover deep unconscious root causes and retrieve repressed memories or past traumas, which may be causing you issues such as mental health issues or problematic behaviours. This type of hypnotherapy can be more investigatory in helping to establish the root causes of your issues or distress.

Combination therapies

Our treatments are combined with other treatments to provide you the best of different treatments. Choose from one of the following:

    1. Hypnotherapy Gastric band session – (3 sessions needed)
    2. weight loss Programme
    3. Stop smoking hypnotherapy
    4. Hypnotherapy
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