Gestalt Counselling

What is Gestalt Counselling?

Gestalt counselling in Birmingham is based on the present moment in time, the focus remains on reality and not your perception of the situation which may be linked to your history. The process of therapy happens through you going through your experiences again and reprocessing them to release any blocks these situations have caused. Through Gestalt counselling your self-awareness is increased, being more aware of your thought patterns, behaviours and feelings, working through block you may have.

How does Gestalt Counselling work?

Gestalt counselling  in Birmingham focuses on solutions much like SFBT, by focussing on the present moment in time. You may work on recreating what you’ve been through in the present, allowing you to work through your feelings in the present moment with the support of your therapist.

Gestalt counselling in Birmingham has many techniques, which can be used, as most of our therapists are integrative they may find the best ones which work for you and use those in your therapy sessions such as, dream work, role-playing. Gestalt therapy Birmingham works on dealing with feelings in the present moment and working through those feelings as these repressed feelings can have negative impacts on your physical and mental health in the long run.

What can Gestalt therapy help with?

Gestalt counselling Birmingham can be used for the following issues:

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