Existential Psychotherapy

What is Existential Psychotherapy?

Existential psychotherapy is based on a principle that you have self-determination, you utilising your free will, you have a desire for meaning, focussing on you rather than the symptoms you’re suffering with. With a focus on your ability to deal with situations and the rational choices, you make in order to achieve your full potential.

What are the principles of Existential Therapy?

The approach is based on the following:

      1. You have the ability to be self-aware
      2. You’re unique in your own right and that uniqueness is established through your relationships with those around you
      3. You’ll change as a person because of how consistency life changes around you
      4. Feeling anxious is part of who we are as humans
What can Existential Counselling help with?

Existential therapy can be used for:

      1. Addiction
      2. Avoidance
      3. Shame
      4. Depression
      5. Guilt
      6. Anger
      7. Resentment
      8. Relationships
Can Existential Counselling help?

Existential therapy can support you with being more authentic, encouraging you to take more control over your life and live in the present moment in the time. Your therapists will support you to help face issues and embrace the choices you have, exploring and taking responsibility for these choices and the outcome. The therapist can help you to cope better with the choices you make and provide insight into your situations, if you feel you’re not able to see any choices and may find yourself feeling stuck or trapped.

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