Couples Psychotherapy

What is Couples Psychotherapy?

Couples Psychotherapy is the same as relationship counselling, offering you both a safe space to work through your issues with a qualified and experienced therapists. There are several reasons couples reach out for relationship counselling in Birmingham, whether you’re feeling stuck and unable to resolve issues, you’ve tried everything else and want to try therapy as a last resort or you feeling neither of you can communicate with each other.

How do the sessions work?

Couples therapy Birmingham is based on effective communication which has a focus on how you both feel, it’s not there for either of you to judge or blame each other. The focus is on how your partner is feeling and working through those feelings as a couple.

Principles of Couples Psychotherapy

Couples therapy Birmingham is based on the therapist being a mediator and helping you both to communicate what you’re feeling in situations, which can help you both to understand each other better. It allows you both to understand each other better and grow together as a couple. The aim of couples therapy in Birmingham is to resolve conflict, improve your relationship, learn to communicate effectively with each other, having healthy boundaries in place and learning to focus on each other’s feelings and needs rather than your own.

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