What is Counselling?

Counselling is about self-awareness, having the ability to function on a conscious level rather than unconscious. Counselling takes a lot of courage and by having counselling you’re seeking insight, despite misconceptions, counselling in Birmingham can be a helping hand, when you need it most.

Many people class counselling as talking therapy, this allows you to speak to a trained professional about the issues you’re going through, you’re feeling and emotions, knowing you won’t be judged, accused or be belittled in any way. You work in a safe environment, where you can openly express your feelings, situations and thought processes knowing the therapist is there to support you and provide insight to allow you to process what’s going on for you or what has happened in the past.

Does a Counsellor give advice?

Despite some people’s misconceptions, your therapist isn’t there to give advice or tell you what to do, they’re there to provide insight, making you aware of what you don’t realise is going on for you, whether this is thinking in a particular way e.g. black and white thinking or the way you’re avoiding feelings e.g. dismissing your feelings and focussing on thoughts instead.

Each therapist you come across will have their own unique way of working, some are integrative, working with different theories and approaches depending on what suits you best whereas other’s use one approach and this will form the basis of their therapy.

What can Counselling help with?

There are many different issues you can access therapy in Birmingham to help you resolve, these are a few of them:

There are different ways of accessing therapy; you may want face-to-face therapy, where you attend your sessions in person at your therapist’s private practise location.

Skype therapy, if you’re not comfortable coming in person but still want to access counselling.

Couples counselling Birmingham – Relationship therapy tends to be carried out face to face rather than over Skype, as there’s always a possibility of you and your partner getting into an argument, which is a lot harder to manage via Skype. As counselling is there to provide insight and to support you both through your issues.

Can Counselling help?

Therapy in Birmingham is based on the therapist providing insight into your unconscious. The therapists will always provide you with a safe environment, where you can openly talk about what you’re going through. Your therapists is there to listen and provide you with space and time, allowing you to talk through your feelings and emotions without being judged.

Types of therapeutic approaches

How long Counselling take?

As the therapeutic process is very unique to you, the length of time you’re in Counselling for can vary from person to person. It usually takes a few sessions before you start to see any changes. It also takes the therapists time to get to know you and form a healthy professional relationship. It is always useful for you to learn about your issues prior to and during the therapy, as this can help the therapeutic process, shedding more insight into your issues.

What to expect in therapy?

If you’ve never had therapy before, it’s common to feel nervous or anxious because you won’t know what to expect or how you’ll feel until you’ve had therapy. The following may put you at ease. In your first session, your therapist will dicsuss the boundaries with you, which could include how to sessions work, how confidentality work etc. Your therapist will ask questions to understand you and your issues, this allows the therapists to work with your thought processes and feelings.

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