Behavioural Therapy

What is Behavioural Therapy?

As the name suggests this form of therapy is based on looking at identifying and changing any self-destructive or behaviours which may cause you more issues. Behavioural therapy is based on the assumption that all behaviours are taught and these behaviours thus can be changed for healthier ones. The therapy tends to focus on the present moment and look at how you can change your behaviours into healthier behaviours.

What can Behavioural therapy help with?

Behavioural therapy can help with:

A form of behavioural therapy many people know of is CBT, this approach focuses on your thought patterns and how your thoughts affect the way you behave and feel. If the behaviour isn’t healthy and is causing issues, you go to the starting point which is the thoughts which lead to that behaviour, changing the thoughts will lead to a change in behaviour. CBT is an effective therapeutic approach to managing and controlling your mind and your thoughts which in turn will impact your feelings and behaviours.


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