Attachment Based Psychotherapy

What is Attachment-based Psychotherapy?

Attachment based psychotherapy in Birmingham is based on the key relationships you have throughout your life e.g. your relationship with your mother and father and how these relationships have made you feel and how you’ve developed a sense of who you are. These key relationships form the basis on how you feel within other relationships when you’re older, teaching you about your ability to deal with and manage your feelings and emotions.

How do the sessions work?

Psychotherapy in Birmingham works on establishing what these relationships were like when you were a child, ensuring the relationship in the therapy room is secure, with healthy boundaries, allowing you to process your feelings and emotions in a safe environment, thus allowing yourself to deal with what’s going on for you. The therapeutic relationship gives you the groundwork to grieve the loss of situations you’ve been in, explore and reprocess situations knowing you’re in a safe environment with someone who’s there to support and provide you insight.

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