Are you being selfish or selfull?

Are You Being Selfish or Selfull?

There are a few terms relating to the ‘self’ however only one of these three terms is commonly known; when someone is being selfish. I’ll be breaking down the three terms below to allow you to raise your awareness of what these are and how they affect you as an individual.




The most commonly known term where someone only ever thinks about and focusses on themselves and their own needs. This is a choice which someone makes and is not done unconsciously, this term when used means the individual doesn’t concern him/herself to the needs of others. This can result in the individual feeling alone, having limited or no friends, unable to maintain a relationship and or constantly having arguments with other people.




This term relates to people who solely care for the needs of others and not their own. The individual who is selfless will always consider other’s needs, views and opinions over their own and as such always put themselves second. An individual who is selfless can end up feeling resentful, angry towards others, feeling alone and feeling as though their own needs are never met and aren’t considered by others.omed to the changes.




This is the ideal state to be in, this term relates to the individual who is able to care for his/her own needs and the needs of others. This is a choice the individual makes; if they’re able to help others, they do and if their own needs need to be met, they put themselves first. This is having a regard for yourself and regard for others. An individual who is selfull can feel balanced, knowing their own and others needs are being met, feeling content and being able to choose when they help others and when they help themselves.

Raising awareness of what’s going on for you is always key, this allows you to consciously make changes which will them have a direct impact on your life, in a positive way. It’s always a bit difficult to suddenly make changes in your life; try to make consistent small changes instead; for example, if you find that you’re selfless then try and take some time out each week just for yourself to do something you enjoy. If you do make a decision to put new changes in place, bear in mind that you’ll most likely find it uncomfortable at the start and may have some negative feelings about the changes. This is normal as many people get used to life the way it is and when changes are implemented, the mind and body will always revert to what is familiar with – even if what it knows isn’t positive! Stick with the small changes you’re making an over a period of time, your mind and body will become accustomed to the changes.

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