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Life can be difficult; you can’t always stop it crashing down on you. You could do with a helping hand, let Kay’s Counselling help you. We all need some support once in a while.
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We offer a reliable, confidential counselling, psychotherapy, clinical psychology and homeopathy service in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham. We also provide online therapy and EAP services to companies across the UK.

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Our Therapy Clinic
Our clinic gives expert insight and tailored therapy unique to you and your needs
Expert insight
We’ve served thousands of individuals and couples just like you. We can help you to regain power in your life
Simple Process

How does our private counselling services work?

The first step,when reaching out for support from a psychologist can be difficult and make you feel anxious, this is natural, we’re here to help at Kay’s Counselling.

Our experienced counsellors here at Kays Counselling, are able to provide you with the insight you need to resolve your issues. Our counselling sessions take place in our Birmingham offices and are  available to all individuals, couples or families facing problems they wish to speak about and furthermore seek help for them from our psychologists and counsellors.

See the steps below to start your journey to achieve your goals.

Step 1:

Get in touch

Call us on 01216796200 or book an appointment online, we are open 7 days a week, including evenings.

Our booking line is open weekdays from 9:00 – 17:30 and weekends 10:00 – 15:00. 

Please check your ‘junk’ mail folder for responses from us.

Feel free to read our blog on how to make your therapy effective here.

Step 2:

Schedule your session

Our staff will provide you with a suitable time and date for your appointment.

A confirmation text will be sent to you, this will provide you with all the details you need to secure your session.

Step 3:

Attend your session

Attend your Counselling session at Kays Counselling located in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham and meet your counsellor and start the journey to achieve your goals.

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Courage always wins

A Warm Welcome to Kay’s Counselling in Birmingham

Feel empowered

Kay’s Counsellors have years of experience gained from volunteering and working in private practices. They are all registered, qualified and experienced in supporting you through your issues. We have a range of different therapists offering counselling, psychotherapy, clinical psychology and EMDR to deal with a variety of different issues. All of our counsellors are located in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham.

Couples Counselling
If you and your partner are constantly arguing, having trust issues, couples therapy can help.
Anger Management
If you find that you’re always getting angry at the smallest thing or find that your anger stays with your for a long period of time, anger management therapy can help you to manage your anger and prevent further issues of anger arising.
When you’re suffering from depression, it can feel like nothing will change, your future will be the same as your past. It can be very lonely and may leave you feeling like no one will understand what you’re going through.
Constantly worried about the future, what’s going to happen and can’t stop your thoughts from stressing you out? Dealing with your anxiety can help you lead a more peaceful, calmer life.
Low-self esteem
If you are thinking you’re not good enough or not attractive enough. Telling yourself you won’t achieve what you want, you could be suffering from low self-confidence. 
If you’re feeling like you can’t cope, feeling overwhelmed and unsure how to stop worrying. 

Birmingham Counselling Services

Courage always wins

All of our therapists have extensive experience of working with a wide variety of different issues. Your issues despite having a name, which others may use, are unique to you. Your feelings, emotions and experiences are your own and we understand how you and your journey is unique to you. As a result, we ensure, we get to know you and your life, which then allows us to tailor therapy to suit you and your needs.

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We offer one to one therapy, where we work in your best interest, learn more about the different issues we can help you with.

Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling offers you a safe environment to talk through your issues with the support of an experienced therapist.