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"I was so nervous about starting off my journey of help and quite frankly I’m so lucky I came across such a helpful kind caring person. The thing that gets me is with this service you’re being helped by a person, someone who makes you feel like a friend rather than just another number. I recommend Kay especially to those who find taking that first step as scary as I did, thank you so much Kay!"


- CVE.

"I wasn't sure if Counselling was going to help but it made such a big positive difference to me and my life. It was one of the best decisions I made. Kay was a great help, she was very understanding, never judged me and was a calming influence in the sessions. I worked at my own pace, talked about what was going on for me, worked through my issues. We worked together to put copying strategies in place and ways for me to cope on my own. I would recommend Kay to anyone who's looking to have Counselling."


- LC.


"I was a bit scared of going into therapy - afraid of what might come out in sessions, whether I was going to be judged about the things that I would say...I shouldn’t have worried because therapy with quite the opposite. I wasn’t judged, I was listened too. I felt that finally I could be open and honest with someone with the fear of something hanging over me. Kay’s helped me a lot with my issues and problems!"


- NMM.  


Identities withheld for confidentiality reasons.

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