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"Before i started my sessions with Kay, I was at a very low, lonely and unstable point in my life. I was going through a lot of relationship problems and also a lot of personal problems to add to that. I felt as though I was at rock bottom and no matter what i did to get out of it, i felt as though nothing was ever going to change. That's until I met Kay that is. I thought maybe some counselling would help with some off the present and past issues causing me to feel as though i was giving up on life full stop. I got introduced to Kay and that's when everything in my life was starting to turn around.


She helped me come to term with what was bringing me down and mentally made me stronger to do something about it. I realised issues from my past are past and that's where they should stay. We had a lot a great sessions, some were fun and some were very upsetting; having to relive what I when through as a child but realised by the end of it that facing them traumas was the only way to overcome them.


I really think Kay is such a wonderful person and showed me a positive way forward. I would recommend her to anyone going through any issues in life that are causing a negative effect to your well being. She is so comfortable to be around and share you problems with. Kay doesn't judge you and makes you feel so welcome in her sessions, that just being there in her presence boosts your spirits before you've even start with the counselling in hand. I would definitely see her again if I'm ever going through a low point in life and send anyone her way if they are in need of help too."


- RFP.


Identity withheld for confidentiality reasons

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