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Focused Brief Therapy


SFBT Birmingham
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Solution focused based therapy is short term therapy, used to help you to realise your problems/issues and find a positive way forward, there isn’t much focus on the issue at hand, emphasis is placed on looking towards the future and finding a way achieve your goal. The therapy focuses on your strengths, instead of focussing on problems and/or failures. With this therapy it is believed and understood that it shouldn’t be prolonged over a long period of time. There are quite a few assumptions that brief therapy takes towards you, these include;


- Understanding the cause of the problem is not necessary to be able to resolve it, trying to do this can lengthen and or complicate things.


- No matter what the severity of the problem, there are always instances when it is absent, less severe and/or intense.  The Counsellor can help to identify and amplify this change


- Clients have access to resources and strengths which may resolve the complaint.


- Clear, salient and realistic goals are essential to a successful outcome.


- A small change can make a big difference, change in one part of the system, can make change in another part


- Rapid change is possible even with cases where the problem has been persistent in the past


- Each client is unique in themselves, and in the way in which they view their problems, there is no one size fits all solution