Person Centred



Carol Rogers was the founder of Person Centred approach, he believed you have enough resources to be able to cope with life and its problems. He also believed when you face an issue(s); if you're provided with the right conditions you can then work through your issue(s) and overcome them. These conditions are: unconditional positive regard, empathy and congruence.

Assumptions of person centred counselling

1). You as a human being are a thinking organism, you are individually responsible for what you do and fully capable of making choices about your behaviour

2). No one can understand another person’s behaviour without perceiving the world through that person’s eyes (empathy)

Unconditional positive regard

To accept you unconditionally as you are without judging you: to trust your ability to change negative behaviours into positive ones

• Caring about you as a client: in a non-possessive caring way

• Willingness to listen is an important manifestation

• To be patient, warm, interested in all you have to say


To see the world through your eyes and to understand the difficulties you face as though they were my own

• Reflection of what I've understood about what you've said

• Communicate my understanding of what you're going through and how you feel

• Working with you to raise your awareness of your own feelings

In the words of Rogers (1975), accurate empathic understanding is as follows:

"If I am truly open to the way life is experienced by another person...if I can take his or her world into mine, then I risk seeing life in his or her way...and of being changed myself, and we all resist change. Since we all resist change, we tend to view the other person's world only in our terms, not in his or hers. Then we analyze and evaluate it.  We do not understand their world. But, when the therapist does understand how it truly feels to be in another person's world, without wanting or trying to analyze or judge it, then the therapist and the client can truly blossom and grow in that climate."

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