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Online and telephone counselling offer individuals exactly the same level of support and confidentiality as that of face to face therapy with Kay, it also offers you suitable solutions if you’re unable to receive therapy in the traditional settings.

Anonymity – You may be concerned about the stigma surrounding mental health or you may be concerned that someone may find out that you’re having therapy: Online and telephone Counselling/Psychotherapy services offers you a higher level of privacy.

Convenience – You may wish to access our therapy services from the comfort of your home, online and telephone therapy services provides you with this option. This options is great for anyone who may be in situations such as:

  • Housebound and/or disabled individuals.
  • Carers who have responsibilities and may not have a lot of spare time.
  • Single parents who can’t access childcare.
  • Employees who travel for work and can’t always commit to attend therapy in person.
  • People who live a great distance from our office.

As a lot of the services are now online and a lot of people spend time online, being able to access therapy services online and through telephone Counselling/Psychotherapy provides an alternative to the traditional face to face therapy.

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Skype. Telephone. Counselling. Effectiveness.

Online and telephone counselling/psychotherapy works in the same way as face to face therapy. The session structures work in the same way, the approach with us will be tailored to you, exactly the same way it would if you were meeting face to face.

Skype. Online. Counselling.

Skype can be downloaded for free and the video calls are encrypted which ensures you confidentiality.

The beauty of Skype is that you can see our therapists whilst having your counselling session, whereas you don’t have this option with telephone counselling/psychotherapy.

Skype therapy can be accessed from anywhere in the world – which means Kay’s Counselling and Psychotherapy services can be accessed by anyone

Skype. Online. Counselling. Process.

You can arrange your appointment with us via email, use the ‘book now’ butto below or by calling. The initial consultation can then be arranged at a suitable time and day for you.

You may wish to ensure you’re alone before your sessions and comfortable and check you won’t be disturbed by anyone. Before your first session, it’s always key to check you have a good internet connection so this won’t cause issues in your sessions.

Find out more about our Skype therapist, Jessica here.

Payments for online and telephone Counselling/Psychotherapy is to be made 24 hours prior to your sessions via bank transfer.

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