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Self-confidence comes from how you view yourself and feeling comfortable with your abilities and strengths. If you have self-confidence and you believe in yourself, you have the means to be the person you want to be. Being confident is knowing your place in the world and this lets others know you are secure and they know what to expect from you, thus leaving others around you feeling safe. Confidence can be perceived in the way you approach others, how you conduct yourself and or the way in which your present yourself (your appearance).


Something that I've become more aware of is that we are constantly bombarded with negativity; whether it's through the media or society and what this teaches us is to have a negative outlook. In small doses negativity can be a good thing can it can push us to do better however when you're consumed by the negativity; that's all you'll see externally and internally. It can then become very difficult to acknowledge and recognise your achievements and accomplishments and there are many. When you start to recognise your achievements - you'll start to focus more on the positive aspects of your life and you - which in itself will help to build up your confidence.  


Self-confidence is a skill anyone can develop; using realistic goals, planning and also looking at issues surrounding your lack of confidence. This could also include conditions you or others place on you which pressure you to live up to expectations, this can leave you with a bruised confidence level. Being able to develop your confidence in the right place is key to ensuring your confidence level is where you wish it to be.

Counselling & Psychotherapy for 


In sessions, we look at your lack of confidence, as well as recognising your achievements (working on your self-worth) and focusing on building your confidence to a level you're happy with.


When you have low self-confidence, you will uncourtly have a negative mindset about yourself; we work on the negative emotions as well as identifying the root cause of your thoughts.


To arrange therapy for low self confidence, please contact me today.

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• You have negative thoughts about yourself and your abilities

• You feel down

• You have no passion/drive

• You feel hy and uneasy

• You feel a sense of worthlessness and uselessness

• You compare yourself to others and don’t ‘measure’ up

• You feel inferior to others

• You feel bitter about work, social life and/or family relationships

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