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By Kay, Feb 7 2017 09:00AM

Being in a loving relationship can make you feel like you’re on cloud 9; acknowledging each other, the efforts you both put in and make towards each other, celebrating the small things which, were created as a result of your relationship. Here’s a few things further you can do to say celebrate your relationship and the love between you:

• Beginnings – When you first met, where you met, how you met and the exchange of words. Always celebrate you ‘firsts’ it’s a positive reminder of why you both came together, the time and effort you both put into each other and for each other’s sake.

• Achievements – When you’ve both been able to make it through a disagreement and worked through the issue. You’ve learnt a new skill; controlled your anger, worked on being nicer to your partner, paying more attention to the things that are said. All good reasons to celebrate even if the changes seem insignificant.

Celebrating together is a great way of sharing the experiences, the joy, the excitements between yourselves, allowing you both to bond and strengthen your relationship.

By Kay, Jan 31 2017 09:00AM

Have you ever felt angry, frustrated or annoyed at a situation because it’s been outside your control? If you try to control people or situations, the result you’ll achieve is self-damaging. Trying to get people to behave in way you think they should behave, by trying to control them can be seen as you trying to control that person.

By Kay, Jan 23 2017 08:00AM

We lie to ourselves over trivial things, whether it’s you’ll go to bed an hour early or you won’t be on your phone today or will minimise your usage or you’ll exercise tomorrow, these statements you tell yourself don’t have lasting consequences, these can be more detrimental to you than small white lies. These lies can be deep ingrained into your unconscious mind, affecting your behaviour, the way you think and the way you feel. Once these lies become ingrained you don’t recognise them as, you see them as the truth.

By Kay, Jan 19 2017 08:48PM

You may be suffering from low self-compassion and not actually know it. I’ll define self-compassion: this is when you treat yourself with kindness during difficult times. If you’re not used to other’s being kind to you and or your always tough on yourself, you may struggle to be kind to yourself. If you’re used to others treating you unkindly, ask yourself why you’re repeating their behaviour with yourself? This may help you to change your attitude towards yourself.

By Kay, Dec 16 2016 12:30AM

Christmas is around the corner, and your excited and ready for the occasion. Your feeling psyched up and preparing for this season as it is a time to show love and have fun with friends and family. However, with the buildup of pressure and anxiety, it is not going to be a smooth ride for everyone as it is not going to be a wonderful time. You may have had a stressful year, and it is time to celebrate and have a memorable ending. Nevertheless, the current problems that you face can lead to a difficult time, especially when you’re in pain and see other’s celebrating and having a good time. Most of the people affected by this blues are those going through a hard time in life be it a divorce, bereavement or mental illness.

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