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Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy is an approach which consists of a number of different elements of specific therapies. Integrative counselling & Psychotherapy has the belief that one single therapy can not treat everybody. I believe everyone is unique – you will never come across anyone who is the same as you: in the way you think, the way you react to things or the way in which you deal with situations/experiences. As a result of this belief I believe your Counselling & Psychotherapy, needs to be tailored to suit you and your needs.

Through raising awareness, Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy helps to establish a healthy link between body and mind: empowering you to start setting goals, creating new positive patterns of behaviours which will allow you to move beyond the limitations which have been placed upon you, either by yourself or by others. This approach works best to establish your personal limits and external constraints that could prevent you from achieving your goals – we work together to establish the best way to achieve your goals, that are going to work in your best interest and your favour.

There are 3 main approaches (there’s a lot of theories in each) our therapists use;

• Person Centred approach

• Psychodynamic approach

• Cognitive behavioural therapy


Each approach offers a different insight into the human behaviour and how the mind works. Each has unique understandings of how change in behaviour occurs and how your mind and emotions work.

Kay's therapists aims to promote healing and facilitate wholeness for you – ensuring that all the levels which are a part of you (mental, physical and emotional) are maximised so that you are able to reach your full potential. Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy can help you to face each moment openly and explore those moments; allowing you to focus on your fears and hurts so that you’re able to regain freedom from the baggage holding you down.  

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