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What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is based on using natural substances including plants and minerals to stimulate the body's ability to heal itself. Homeopathy has been used in individuals for 200 years, created by Dr Samuel Hahnemann, it's based on the principle 'like cures like' believing the body knows how to heal itself and the symptoms your body displays is your body taking action to over an illness.

Homeopathy recognises that good health reaches beyond being free from pain and ill. It treats the whole person instead of symptoms and supports you to live life to your full potential. Homeopathy considers all aspects of your health, including spiritual, emotional, physical, psychological and provide insight into finding the roots of your health's disharmony. We often combine counselling with homeopathy with good results to work with trauma, history of abuse, anger management issues, low self-esteem and dis-balanced moods.

What can homeopathy treat?

You may turn to homeopathy to treat a number of different issues such as:

-Low self esteem

-Mood issues

-Anger management issues



-Low self esteem






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The above isn't a full list - feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

The remedies are based on quantum physic laws and are not pharmaceutical in its origin. They are also free from unethical animals testing, non-toxic, non-invasive and non-addictive and can be used for babies, children, pregnancy and breastfeeding. They can be taken alongside drug prescribed by doctor and will not interfere with them. Homeopathy is based on energetic laws of self-healing, releasing emotions from tissue cell level as well as stimulating the individual's immune system to become stronger, rather than reliant on drugs to kill bacteria/viruses.

What happens in homeopathic treatment sessions?

Your therapist will listen and understand you in terms of your symptoms, your personality and your health. Our therapist will explore your history to establish the root causes of the issue, through counselling as well as offering homeopathic treatment. She offers both treatments side by side, as we believe this is more beneficial for you.

Homeopathy is very powerful treatment; our therapist has extension experience of successful treating a variety of different issues.