Behavioural Therapy



CBT is a Psychotherapeutic approach to help you solve problems with emotions and behaviours through setting goals and using a systematic procedure. Cognitive (the way we think) behavioural (the way we act) Counselling & Psychotherapy looks at the connections between these two things. By becoming aware of the links between the thoughts you have and how your behaviour works, is key because this will allow you to: either accept it as it is or make changes so that your behaviour is more positive and doesn’t have a negative impact on you or your life. CBT has been successful in treating a variety of disorders ranging from eating disorders, substance abuse to personality disorders.

CBT as with any approach isn’t always suitable for everyone e.g. individuals who don’t have specific behavioural issues or may have issues arising from their past may wish to undertake a different type of Counselling.

Techniques of CBT

There are many different techniques within CBT:

• Journal keeping

• Homework assignments

• Modelling - Role playing

• Conditioning - Encouragement of a particular behaviour

• Validity testing – Getting client to test the validity of their thoughts

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